Project Overview

My Role

UI Designer


3 Weeks
May - June 2021

Remote Solo Project through Meraki Vision

Tools Used

Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Google Suite

Don't feel like reading?

( But you might need the context ;D )


What the Client wanted

  • A redesign of the current homepage with a clearer and more concise layout
  • Wanted the design to be less repetitive
  • Wanted to include more human faces in the design

The Outcome

  • An on-brand, updated homepage to better showcase the impact and benefits their Shopify app and Chrome Extension can offer their new and existing customers

Scroll above the current previous SaleSource homepage


Wireframing and iteration

The SaleSource team provided me with the copy and we went through 2 rounds of wireframes and 2 rounds of design


Key Changes

I implemented and recommended the below changes to the final design:

  • Introduce 2 more colors to the homepage (pink and blue) to give buttons and sections more visual contrast
  • Create separate sections and improve the proximity of some elements for better readability
  • Add a more prominent play button to all videos
  • Move down the "Free Shopify Trial" section so we don't take potential customers off the SaleSource site too soon

Next Steps

While SaleSource is still making some adjustments to their overall website my goal for this homepage redesign was to allow potential clients to learn more about SaleSource, how it can help businesses with their eCommerce stores, and prompt them to sign up or download the Shopify App/Chrome extension. If you'd like to take a close look at the current homepage click here.

Thank you for reading! Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to contact me below~

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