Willkommen! And bienvenue! Welcome!

My name is Karen and I create functional yet delightful solutions to your design problems

I am currently a

UX Designer @ TransPerfect

Living in

Queens, New York

Case Studies

UX Design / UI Design / E-commerce

Sensia IQ

In this freelance solo project, I redesign 3 key pages to help a beauty brand elevate its website experience ...

UI Design / Logo Design / Interaction Design

Parti Greetings

A collaborative volunteer UX project to help a start-up define its new digital greeting card application...

UX/UI Design / Heuristic Analysis / Web Prototype

ITIAH Angels For Learning

 In a small team, we volunteered to help a non-profit redesign, organize and optimize their donation flow...

UX Design / Info. Architect / Interaction Design

FELOH Marketplace Redesign

In a small team, we volunteered to help FELOH give their inclusive marketplace application a "UX facelift"...

UX Design / User Interaction / Android Prototype

Share in Spotify

(Bootcamp project) My team was tasked with adding a new feature to a current website or application, so we chose Spotify Music...

User Interface Design

User Interaction / Visual Design / Web Mockup

SaleSource Homepage Redesign

In this solo freelance project, I redesigned the SaleSource homepage to promote organization, clarity, and a more human touch... 

UI Design / Practice

UID Bootcamp 2021

Various design challenges to practice my UI skills... 

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